Webcam Show Tips - Learn The Basics Of The Perfect Lighting

Webcam Show Tips #2

You must know that the first impression you give is critical to your potential customers. 

People that are going to give you tokens based on how well you perform. When they come to your broadcasting room they will see what there is in the area around you. 

You can ignore this fact or make the best use of it in order to create an advantage compared to your competition! 

This can make or break your webcam show!

Your viewers see you as their erotic fantasy. 

This can be ruined if they enter your room and see you just sitting in a chair in a room with bad lightning.

Tip 1: Lightning

This is actually the most significant part of establishing your romantic bedroom.

If your viewer and potential customer makes its way into your broadcasting room which is badly lit they’re not going to stay for long.

Bad lights will make your cam seem to be grainy and cheap. You also look less beautiful in a room with bad lights!

The very first thing you could do is find a couple of bright lights.

Any kind of desk light is good enough, merely take away the shade to ensure the lamp provides optimum light. The initial light needs to be positioned within a couple ft of your webcam and also at roughly a similar height.

Chaturbating Cam Girl as an example of good lighting settings on Chaturbate

The 2nd light must go directly behind your webcam. 

Try and utilize excessive power level light bulbs. We’ve tested and concluded that 100 watt works the best.

For those who have a particularly bright roof light this can be used rather than the lamp beside the webcam, nevertheless, the lamp at the rear of the webcam is crucial and will be there to make sure there is a great lighting.

Thanks for reading our small post about how you can cheer op your webcam performance rooms.

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