7 Cam Performer Secrets | Keep Your Viewers Engaged In 2024

7 Cam Performer Secrets

Some performers gets quickly to the top of mainstream cam websites. It's the way to get a lot of money with no time.

But there is nothing for free. 

Check our list of cam models secrets to get the holy grail of webcam business into your hands!

Secret #1 - Let Them Hear You

In front of your webcam set the audio on. 

It is very important to gain more audience to be able to talk when you are broadcasting. 

Members are getting more obsessed with girls that are daring to speak in front of thousands of people. It makes it for you a lot easier to start flirting in the free chat and to convince them to buy tokens/credits for you. 

Typing will just take a lot of time and will bore the viewer, so you have more chance that they are going to bounce.

Secret #2 - Always Have Fun

The main goal of your broadcasting experience is to have FUN. 

You should be able to “beam” this feeling to your audience that you are a fun outgoing person. Don’t worry about how much money you are currently earning or that you won’t reach your objective.

People that only have money in their mind radiate this feeling and people can sense that. 

Cam Girls should Have Fun to succed

If you just have fun and are outgoing people will be more generous because they have fun.

An effective cam girl model gets excited each time he/she goes live. Also think about what outfits to obtain and try out new methods to enchance your shows.

People love to see special things!

Secret #3 - Respect the Time

Always make sure you have the toys... always nearby. The time you waste getting it can make viewers to bounce off to another webcam.

When you leave your webcam it is very important that you always let your clients know that you will undoubtedly be back.

Before you end your show it is advisable to always tell your viewers when you will be back whether its hours from now, or tomorro, give them a period and date, and you will be suprised just how mnay get back to see you the time you told them.

Another plain thing, don’t inform them a time and be late.

Secret #4 - Know Your Viewers

Try speaking to your viewers with their nickname. 

We know this isn’t always doable because some nicknames can be very strange... haha! Then just resize it right down to something easier if its too much time. 

Just make sure that they know that you are discussing live with them. 

Talk to your viewers to keep them engaged

Also learn their real names (if they give it in private chat), write it down or memorize it, and try to utilize it as much as possible. Often if they come back and you remember their name they will undoubtedly be impressed that you rememberd it.

This makes you a more special/unique girl in their opinion which can give you more tips!

Secret #5 - Always Look like a Star

The job you are looking for is called “Webcam Modeling”. This means you always have to be presentable and beautiful when you are broadcasting.

Don’t arrive with wet hair or no makeup. 

Your intend is to be as cute as possible to attract men to give you money. It is great if you always try to switch it up with outfits and lingerie.

Get a selection of bra, pants, skirts, thmeed outfits, and so on. Wear more colorful clothes since it looks fantastic on cam.

Don’t wear black, white because they usually don’t look so good on a webcam.

Secret #6 - Seduce with Your Words... or not!

Try to seduce your broadcasters with your words.

This can come across very unnatural for some girls. If you don’t know how to seduce with your words, don’t do it.

Secret #7 - Stay in Touch with Everybody

If you are taking private while broadcasting, people will often wait in your free chat room untill you come back. So you are in private chat your free viewers can’t see or hear you.

Sometimes you can type something in the free chat and you should try to convince the people of the free chat to convince the people for joining your private show.

Try to say: “you’re really missing out on all the fun. ;-)”. 

Sometimes a person will decide right and will pay for your private show. 

If this doesn’t work you can tell them what act you are currently doing at that time. Like i’m using my super jumbo toy. 

I tried that certain times and as soon as I typed this words into the free online sex talk window, suddenly 5 people joined the private chat.

Timothy Casillas

Founder and chief editor of the Camchief website. For many years a fan of everything related to live sex shows. This site is his love letter to brave girls from all over the world. Learn more about Timothy and the rest of the team here.

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