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Best Amateur Webcam Sites

 The top amateur webcam sites are completely different from any other random webcam site! This is why we advice you to go to Chaturbate! This nude cam chat site is completely free for people who want to watch other people on their webcam! It isn’t like any other Chatroulette website you ever been on!



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golden medal

- 100% Free & Fun
- No E-mail Required
- Only Amateur Webcam

- Public Shows Only
- Hard For Dating

second place
logo of flingster

- You can stay anonymous
- 70% girls
- Communication is free

- No mobile app

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Bonga Cams

- Private Shows
- Best Live Sex Cams
- One on One Webcam 

- More Unknown

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- Nude Webcam Site
- Girls looking for FUN
- Largest Award Winning Cam Community

- Lots of Promotions
- Not Totally Free

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- Nude Webcam Site
- Girls looking for FUN
- Pro Webcams

- Lots of Promotions
- Not Totally Free

Lots of people do think that websites like Chaturbate aren’t completely for free because they see that you can tip broadcasters with tokens. This token technique just exists for members who desire to put money into the performers! Without spending any penny, you can view each and every performer on the site. If you register a free account for  you can even talk with the webcam performers.This is why we honestly think that it is the best free webcam site!

The huge difference is that on Chaturbate new broadcasters (even guys) can actually earn a lot of money while performing an amateur webcam show. But they have to keep in mind that a lot of people will be watching them for free without spending a dime and the people who are watching you are not obligated to give you tips! Because the site is totally free of charge.

We find this principle a lot better than the way it works. They work with a roulette system where you only can view one person at a time. This is quite annoying if you know that you will only find guys or troll guys that pretend to be girls!

If you are looking to find real love with webcams we have to be honest with you and it's hard. There are websites that where there are girls who want to meet men and you can view them on your webcam. An example of such site is Anastasia, on this website there are tons of woman wanting to chat with you in front of the webcam. Most of them are looking for someone to meet, but they are from a foreign country like Ukraine, Russia, Poland,.. So it is unclear to me what the purpose is of those girls. If they get money for performing, if it's one big scam or not. I have no idea, but people that came on my website over the past few years advised the program. If you are looking for an Italian webcam live can click here. 

Tokens on the Amateur Cam Sites?

If you want to get noticed or let the performer do a request for you like using sex toys, yelling your name while touching herself,.. you have the ability to let them do that with tips also called “tokens” (Tokens Definition).

How does it work:

  • Buy credits
  • Choose the amount you want to give as a tip to the broadcaster. You totally have no obligation to give any tips to the performer.
  • Ask your request to the performer

So on Chaturbate, ofcourse it costs money if you want personally to let girls do your fantasies. I've never came across a website where girls do everything for free. And if you think by yourself why would they if they can have money for it. So if you are looking for exclusive private webcam shows, you won't find them for free. But if you are looking for just free nude webcam chat, then Chaturbate is in my opinion the place to go. But if you want to have attention of the girls you will have to pay for it. That's just how it works. I also wish it was the other way around, but that's sadly enough not the case in this modern age. Be happy, that we still can see real girls and not some form of robots that we cannot distinguish real from false. 

Other extra features, I recently discovered the use of using a fake vagina to stimulate my mastrubation techniques. And I must say i'm pleasantly suprised about how good a fleshlight actually feels. There is so much good information on the internet about Fleshlights, but since I only looked up information in my native language. I found out that this website in Polish gives the best information about a fleshlight. I myself bought the Stoya Fleshlight and I use it whole the time when i'm watching Chaturbate. 

PS: If you give a tip, everyone else still can watch that user’s webcam and everyone gets the benefit of your tipping.

This is the main reason why this site is probably the greatest amateur live sex website. You don’t have to pay for anything!

But as a broadcaster don’t be scared, because people generally tip more if they don’t have to give tips. A lot of people find it a great move to pay tips to the girls and boys that get nude. If you just randomly tip people they will start recognizing your name, and it is easier to get extra’s from those models.

Another good tip I've found over the years when watching live webcam streams is to find new girls. Because they don't know the rules very well of the game, and they are easily convinced in doing stuff experienced cam girls charge a lot of money for. You will see in the tabel of our top list at the top of the homepage of that we put on the first place the website named camchief. We do this of course because its the biggest cam related website according to comparison sites like similarweb.  So on this website you have a great mix of people. Some people don't even do it for money over there, they are most of the time not single girls, but couples who are looking for attention and wanting to experiment. Some of them are exhibitionists and others are just looking for attention. To feel good about their body and themselves. But for people who like to watch for free this is the perfect place to meet those people. 

Who do people who broadcast for free tend to go to chaturbate instead of alternatives is because most people that do it for free want to go to the website with the biggest audience. Like explained above, according to big research websites we know what the clear winner is in this subject. It is easy to answer this question, if you do it for free anyway why would you go to a place where it is hard to get any visitors watching you? If you go to the biggest one instead and you have lot of change that people will watch you and if you just want attention then you both accomplish the same goal at the same time. Which is the perfect solution for everyone.

Single girls are there for money I hear a lot of people say, and in fact I cannot deny that but on every other place you have to pay before you can see a boobie or something, on chaturbate you work as a community and all pay together (most of the time just a few rich guys pay everything) and everyone can enjoy. This investing together as a group in a girl creates a special kind of atmosphere and internet a very very cool place. 

Other Good Alternatives:

Another great webcam site is cam4. Click the link to see our full review on the website! It has the same features as the site we promote! The only difference is that there are more trolls over there and a lot of guys pretend to be girls! This part really annoys me and that is why I moved away from that website! But the site is definitely worth checking out!

Earn extra money as Performer.

Going private. There is a possibility to go in a private room with a broadcaster. These private shows are most likely on Skype. You will have to pay a big amount of tokens to get an exclusive amateur web camera chat show. Normally all have the opportunity to view the performer’s webcam. But that is not the case on an exclusive show. Here it will be possible to get the performer watch your webcam, but you have to discuss the accepted features with the model. This is the money-maker for most of the performers. 

You will see in your way of progressing in the world of webcams that every model is different. They all have different goals to pursue. Some just like the attention (knowing that) more than 1000 guys are fapping for her at the same time. Others prefers to just be busy with one guy in a private chat room. That’s why my advice look at what the girl wants and don’t try to push a girl who wants attention of 1000 guys in a private show, because she will not be worth it. You will just throw your money away and she will not perform like you would like her to perform. She will probably look rather bored and wanting to go back to her live show. 

Ultimately, you will never be forced to pay any amount of money in order to see the broadcasters webcams. If you want to get an exclusive private show on Skype you will have to pay some tokens. When you don’t have the intention to give any money, this is possible and you will see a lot of great show on Chaturbate. Luckily most individuals over there give nude shows for no charge because they like to be seen naked.


Chaturbate is absolutely the best among the existing online chat rooms! Do you want to watch free amateur webcams xnxx it’s the place to go! If you are a broadcaster you can make easy money!