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Chaturbate Tokens - Price, Value & What You Can Use Them For

While Chaturbate bills itself as a free cam site, if you want to see anything of value on the platform, then you will need to part with a bit of cash. This means buying some tokens that you can use to tip the women that you like on the platform.

If you don't pay, you won't have that much control over what you see.

So, how much are Chaturbate tokens? What can you get for your cash?

That is what we want to look at on this page.

This way, you will know whether you should be parting with your cash and becoming a paying customer.

What is the Cost of Chaturbate Tokens?

The Chaturbate token price will vary based upon the number of tokens you are buying. The more tokens you buy, the cheaper it will be.

Prices are:

  • 100 tokens for $10.99
  • 200 tokens for $20.99
  • 500 tokens for $44.99

After this, there are no more price breaks, even if you purchase 1000 tokens.

The best price will be the 500 tokens option, although some people will start with 100 tokens to see whether they enjoy the site or not.

There may also be some promotional tokens available sometimes, but these tend to be for new users rather than established paying customers.

You should remember that there is no such thing as a Chaturbate token generator. If you see one, then it is a scam.

Tokens Value for Users - What Can You buy with Chaturbate Tokens

What you can receive for your Chaturbate token will vary based upon the streamer. One webcan may give you a lot for your tokens, while others will barely give you anything for the amount that you give them.

When you buy tokens, you will probably already have an idea about the women you want to look at, so you probably already know the tip cost for the best streams.

Remember, a person is able to charge whatever they want to charge on their stream. So, if you are not happy with the amount one person charges, then find somebody else that has a price that is closer to what you want.

Chaturbate girl prepares for private cam show to earn extra tokens

We are sure you will still enjoy them, even if they were not the best choice. Remember, one of the wonders of this place is just how many people on cam!

Most women will have prices starting at 20 tokens (they receive a dollar for this) and go up from there, with some charging thousands of tokens for private shows and the like.

So, the tokens value will depend on who you are watching.

Tokens Value for Broadcasters - How much money You can get for Tokens

While tokens will be listed as such in your account, they are worth real money when you withdraw. The value of a token for the paying user is not the same as the money you get.

The company will take a commission from these tips, which can reduce how much you receive per token for your cam stream.

Each token that broadcasters get will have a cost valued at 5 cents. 

This means that you will need to have received at least 1000 tokens before you can withdraw from your account (you can do this through the menu Chaturbate for streamers).

This means the following values:

  • 100 tokens are $5
  • 500 tokens for $25
  • etc.

Remember, even if you are a broadcaster that has people pay using a promotional token from the platform, you will still get paid the full price of the token. So, don't worry about those free Chaturbate tokens that are given out regularly! They won't impact you as a broadcaster at all.

You can set your token price for a tip to whatever you want. Try to ensure that it is low enough to get as many paying customers in as possible to allow you to high the Chaturbate token value for withdrawal as quickly as you possibly can!

A good cam should be withdrawing on an almost daily basis.

You may want to experiment with the Chaturbate tokens value to ensure you have the best income.

Starting career as webcam model isn't easy. Check our tips on how to become a webcam model.

Requirements to broadcast on Chaturbate

Only verified models can receive payment on Chaturbate. While a model may be able to start streaming their cam as soon as they have signed up, Chaturbate will not pay out unless they have verified that the models are over 18.

This means that you will need to send them pictures of your ID if you are planning on earning money through their website.

Don't worry.

Cam Girls can earn tokens right after they will confirm they identity

They will ensure that your ID is fully protected. They just need it for identity verification when you become a cam model.

Other than this, as long as you prove that you are a proper cam when you broadcast live, then you should be fine. Of course, you will need to ensure that you are not breaking the rules for streaming. There are some things that the website does not allow.

You can only withdraw the money you have earned as a tip once you have $50.

However, if you are a good broadcaster, these tips should come in thick and fast.


If you have already verified your identity, you can start broadcasting right away.

Even without any registration, you can peep at girls and participate in the fun.

Tokens help you quickly turn up the fun or book a private show. The more, the better.

Timothy Casillas

Founder and chief editor of the Camchief website. For many years a fan of everything related to live sex shows. This site is his love letter to brave girls from all over the world. Learn more about Timothy and the rest of the team here.

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