Tabitha Kat

Who Is Tabitha Kat?

Tabitha Kat is a Chaturbate model from the United States. Sadly, not much is really known about her. She is the type of person that likes to keep to herself, and most of what she does do has been rather limited over the years.

What we can tell you is that she got started with Chaturbate when she was in her teen years, and then it wasn't too long before she took to the world of podcasting on the Sex, Sass, and Serenity Podcast.

She is currently 29, having been born in December 1993. From time to time, you may see her listed either under the Tabbykatcafe name, or the Caferisque name. It depends on the platform that she is performing on. Sadly, she is currently on a hiatus, and it is unknown when she is going to return from that hiatus. We hope very soon! We miss her.

She is well known for her very cutesy look. While she is not going to blow your mind with how gorgeous she is, she is very 'girl next door' and is the type of woman that loves to play around with her hair color, on occasion. She doesn't have the largest tits in the world but, of course, we know that many people do not want that. Her body is close to perfect, in our opinion.

When she is performing on webcam, she does just about everything that you want. This includes phone sex.

Tabitha Kat OnlyFans

Tabitha Kat

While she is on hiatus, it is still worth giving the Tabitha Kat OnlyFans a quick subscribe. She has a ton of content up there, and when she does return, you can be sure that you are going to get access to a ton more stuff:

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