Letizia Fulkers

Who is Letizia Fulkers?

Letizia Fulkers is a Colombian Chaturbate model.  She currently has close to 500,000 subscribers, which is amazing considering she disappeared from the platform for almost 6-months. In fact, she seemingly disappeared from the world of adult entertainment completely.

We are glad that she has managed to find her way back onto the platform. She is incredibly fun to watch.

Do bear in mind that if you have watched Letizia Fulkers on Chaturbate before, she has now changed her Chaturbate username. This means that you will never be able to find her broadcasting on her old account!

Letizia Fulkers was born in April 1997, which means that she is currently 25

She has an absolutely amazing body, and she has that darker, hispanic look about her. There is just something about the eyes that she rocks that is ever so alluring. You can't help but feeling drawn into her when she performs on webcam.

You are probably going to want to be watching her perform on webcam a lot too. You see, this is a woman that really knows how to please, and as long as those tips continue to roll in while she is performing, she is going to be putting on an absolutely amazing show for you. Trust us. This is the type of woman that you are probably going to end up falling in love with while you watch her.

Letizia Fulkers OnlyFans

Letizia Fulkers

If you absolutely love Letizia Fulkers' massive tits and you simply cannot wait until she goes live again, then we suggest that you give her OnlyFans a quick subscribe. She is always adding new photo and video content to it. It is going to be worth each and every cent that you pay for this content too. it is that brilliant:

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