How To Cam To Cam On Chaturbate - Cam2Cam 2024 Guide

How to Cam to Cam on Chaturbate - Cam2Cam 2024 Guide

If you want to make the big bucks on a suite like Chaturbate, then you may need to do a two-way private show at some point. 

This is where you will be heading out of the private chat rooms and doing a private show on your webcam for whoever wants to throw bundles of tokens in your direction.

It is not immediately obvious how you do a C2C on Chaturbate, so on this page, we are going to walk you through everything models need to do know about setting up private rooms on the platform. 

Basically, this is a complete guide to everything you need to know about Chaturbate C2C.

How to C2C on Chaturbate

For a long time, Chaturbate did not offer a built-in C2C feature. The situation changed in early 2021 when such a feature was introduced as a free option for all registered users.

Now it only takes a few clicks to start a private session with a lovely cam girls.

To start a private C2C session, simply click on the "Cam to Cam" link on the selected model's profile. 

A neat window will pop up. This is a preview of your cam. At this point, no one but you can see this image.

After selecting your preferred settings, you can start transmission. It will not be visible to anyone but the model you have selected.

Chaturbate Cam to Cam with blonde teen

Click on the "Start Cam to Cam with..." button.

When you start broadcasting, it does not yet mean that the model in question sees you. As of this moment, she may or may not be seeing you. Usually, an additional incentive in the form of tokens or an invitation to a private chat is still needed.

When the model is watching you, the recording icon will light up orange.

Not many sites allow free C2C. With that said, Chaturbate is starting to set itself apart from the competition again.

Without tokens, it will be hard to convince girls to focus their attention on you, but at least it's a possibility!

Alternative Cam to Cam Method on Chatrubate

There are other methods that allowed C2C before the new functionality was introduced. They are still valid. If for some reason you don't want to use the built-in Cam to Cam, explore other ways.

The person that wants to view a cam will need to create an account and set up their own broadcast. However, in order to cam2cam without anybody intruding, then this room should have a password attached to it.

The next task is to find the person that they want to c2c with.

Ideally, they would have selected this before they decided to set up their webcam chat room! 

Most people on Chaturbate will have a fee for cam2cam, so it shouldn't be too tough to find somebody to webcam with.

You can initiate C2C chat with model of your choice on Chaturbate

The person that wants to do the C2C will have to tip the required number of tokens to the broadcast of the person they want a private chat with.

As they tip, they will have to leave a link to their room and the password so that the model can enter the chat room.

If the model agrees to cam2cam on Chaturbate, then they will enter the private room, do their stuff and leave. Hopefully, it is going to be the best broadcast that the person has ever paid for!

Remember, there are still strict rules on Chaturbate, even in a private chat. The sex experience cannot break these rules. 

If you cam to cam Chaturbate and break the rules, both accounts will be banned!

What is needed for Cam 2 Cam on Chaturbate

Now that you know how to cam to cam Chaturbate, you have to start thinking about the equipment that you need.

Since you are learning how to C2C Chaturbate, then you will probably already know that both participants need to have a webcam and, preferably, a headset.

The person that wants to view on the cam site will need to have a token or two (probably hundreds) to encourage the person to go into a room too.

Other than this, a strong internet connection won't go amiss when doing a bit of Chaturbate cam to cam. 

Everybody should know the limits too i.e. what will be shown on the broadcast, whether there are any limits on what a person will do. This will ensure that everybody gets the best live broadcast possible!

How to Cam to Cam on the Phone

Since the new funcationality doesn't work on mobile devices yet, if you want to have fun on your phone, you need to use the following techniques.

If you are just viewing or joining a room, then the process is much the same as if you were using your web browser.

However, if you want to keep a live stream active, then you need to have multiple versions of the sites running.

Android Cam to Cam

How to start c2c chat on Chaturbate with the Android device?

  • Open up the Chrome web browser.
  • Swipe up on your phone. This will allow you to start multitasking.
  • On the screen, hold the Chrome icon. You can then select 'split-screen' Choose any app that you want for the second screen, you will be replacing it soon.
  • In Chrome, click the three dots and select 'Move to Other Window'

You will now have two versions of Chaturbate running.

Apple iPhone and iPad Cam 2 Cam

The process is far simpler on the iPhone and iPad.

Whenever you open a link, just hold your finger down on it. This will open a menu. 

Click the option 'Open in Split view'

Now you have done everything, you now have one window that you can use in broadcast mode, and the other as a user for the C2C sessions.


Running c2c on Chaturbate is not hard. On mobile devices, the process becomes a bit complicated but not impossible.

With this capability, you can easily make virtual eye contact with the models and raise the level of your meeting from watching to almost a real date.

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