Chaturbate Payout And Payment Methods - 2024 Guide

Chaturbate Payout - Payment Methods 2024

It is all well and good to go to Chaturbate with the idea to make money, but eventually, if you want to be a successful cam model, you will need to withdraw that money from your account. 

Thankfully, Chaturbate is a cam site that makes this incredibly simple. 

On this page, we want to go through all the payment methods a camgirl can use to get money from their Chaturbate account.

Remember, before you withdraw any money using the Chaturbate pay system, you will need to earn a certain number of tokens.

This is going to be around 1000, and then Chaturbate will convert tokens into real cash. 

Don't worry. It is an instant process to receive a Chaturbate payment!

So, without further ado, let's run you through how to get paid on Chaturbate and how to make use of that Chaturbate token payout.

#1 Paxum - Best Outside of USA

Logo of Paxum

Paxum is one of the best methods for those that live outside of the United States that want to receive a Chaturbate payment.

There are several reasons to use this as a withdrawal method on Chaturbate. This includes:

  • Low processing fee of just 50-cents.
  • Once you have a Paxum account, you can apply for a Paxum credit card and withdraw money from an ATM.
  • Can withdraw money from Paxum to a bank account anywhere in the world.

This is an incredibly fast payment method, and as long as you meet the minimum token payouts, then you should be fine!

Paxum is one of the best options on this list for models that want fast payments with a low processing fee.

#2 Skrill - Perfect Chaturbate Payout for Europe

Logo of Skrill

Skrill is another payment wallet much like Paxum, and it is often by Europeans that are making money with a Chaturbate account. 

It does have high fees, though.

However, you have an unlimited daily payout Chaturbate, assuming you meet the minimum for tokens. 

Skrill also allows you to withdraw from your account to any bank account, and you can also apply for a Skrill card.

Benefits include:

  • Ideal for European customers.
  • Skrill to bank transfer.
  • Skrill is accepted at many online sites, so ideal for models that want to spend cash on another platform.

#3 Cosmo Pay - Top Chaturbate Payout Method for UK

Logo of Cosmo Pay

While Cosmo Pay can be used by anybody, it is best for a camgirl located in the United Kingdom.

Fees are $1 per withdrawal here, so make sure that you are withdrawing as much as possible before you use this payment method.

Benefits including:

  • Speedy withdrawal for camgirls in the United Kingdom.
  • Supports most countries worldwide.
  • Tons of options to pay yourself from Cosmopay.

#4 ePay Service - Best US Payout on Chaturbate

Logo of ePay

While ePays can be used by all camgirls, it is aimed at the US market.

Benefits of this method of payment include:

  • No fees for a camgirl located in the US.
  • Withdrawal to a bank account.
  • One of the quick methods to get paid for your work.

#5 Bitcoin - Anonymous Chaturbate Payments

Bitcoin Coin Blue Art

Bitcoin is a method where you can earn a bit of cash if you know what you are doing, but it certainly isn't going to be for everybody. Like the other methods listed here, there is no Chaturbate daily payout minimum for Bitcoin.

You will need to have an account with a Bitcoin wallet to make this method work, though.

Benefits include:

  • Anonymous payment receiving.
  • If the value of the cryptocurrency goes up, you can earn more money than originally paid.
  • Can wire the money around the world.

#6 Mail check - Free Chaturbate Payouts

Funny man holds an envelope while walking

There is no fee for those that want to receive money via a check. It doesn't matter where you live.

However, do bear in mind that it can take weeks to receive your order for a money check, so this certainly isn't one of the fastest of payments.

Benefits include:

  • Written checks for any country in the world.
  • No withdrawal fee.
  • Easy to deal with.

#7 Wire - Chaturbate Payout Anywhere

Logo of Wire

Wire transfers are built for those that want money placed into their bank account anywhere in the world.

However, there will be a $45 fee if you want to receive money this way. Many camgirls are earning enough that this is more than fine.

A wire transfer tends to be a speedy way to receive your money.

Obviously, once the money is in your account, you can withdraw it using your bank card.

#8 Direct deposit - United States Payout Only

Funny man sits on money pig

Direct deposit is for those located in the United States only.

It is quick and no processing fees. 

This will put the money directly into your bank account, so it is the perfect option for a cam performer that wants to get paid quickly!

If you are looking for some alternative cam sites read about top websites similar to Chaturbate.

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