How Not To Get Banned On Chaturbate? Know The Rules In 2024

How to Not Get Banned on Chaturbate

If you are a model, it won't be long before you work out just how much money you can earn from this website. 

However, you won't be able to keep your account for long if you do not play by the rules. You could end up with the Chaturbate account banned.

On this page, we want to go through all of the rules that broadcasters must pay attention to when they broadcast on cb. 

If you follow these rules, then you should be fine. The chances of you getting banned from Chaturbate will be minimal!

Basic Chaturbate rules

The absolute main rule that you need to follow with your broadcasts is to ensure that everybody that appears on your cams is over the age of 18. Absolutely no exceptions to this rule. 

Some pretty big cam models have been banned because they broke this rule. This is because it is highly illegal to have minors on a site like this.

A model should also not engage in bestiality. 

We know that most of you would turn your nose up at bestiality videos, but you will be surprised at how many people will be willing to film them if they knew that it could make a bit more money. It is fine if you want your animal in the background of your adult shows, but the second you touch them in a sexual way then Chaturbate bans will be on the agenda.

You can fuck toys but not living animals on your Chaturbate live stream

Have drugs, prescribed or otherwise?

Not on this site you don't! A model cannot show drugs on cam in their room. This will lead to being Chaturbate banned. 

This includes alcohol.

Models can also do pretty much any show that they want on webcam as long as it does not involve showing any of these on the site:

  • Vomiting
  • Scat
  • Menstruation

No. You are not allowed to show these in a private room either. Broadcasting any of them is completely banned, no matter how many tokens models are being offered to do it.

If you want to avoid a ban, you should also not be promoting another business that works with broadcasting women and men. Promote another similar site and you are out of there.

More rules in Chaturbate Terms and Conditions

Those are just the basic things that you need to follow. You will also need to read the Chaturbate terms of service to find out more about what you can and can't do on the platform.

The big one is to not carry out any harassment

In the past, Chaturbate had a big problem with certain people targeting others on the site, perhaps by leaking their information. If you are harassing, then you will be banned from offering shows as a broadcaster. Even if you believe yourself to be right. 

Violence can also not be shown by any user.

We suppose that is fine to show a small amount of BDSM to a user that is watching a broadcaster, but if you are committing violent acts for tokens i.e. punching and hitting, then you will be breaching the Chaturbate TOS.

Cosplay is one of most popular tags on Chaturbate

Your shows should not cause offense

Obviously, a cam site is probably going to offend some people. You can't really escape that. However, you should not be racist, sharing hate speech, or language that is meant to rile people up.

Obviously, you can swear. Nobody is going to care if you say "fuck" but if you said it about a particular race or religion, then you will probably have to end up Googling banned Chaturbate.

It is cool to wear a uniform in your room, but it should not be a real uniform. This means no coming home from work and streaming in your work clothes. That breaks the rules.

The uniform should be easily identifiable as 'not real' if you want to avoid a ban.

Finally, never let somebody login to your account and you should never be logging into theirs. If you do that, then you will end up getting a ban from the platform. It is one of the things the site looks down upon since, in the past, many people would sell their old accounts.

Unwritten rules to Avoid Being Chaturbate Banned

Finally, there are some unwritten rules of things that you should try to be avoiding.

This means that you should not be running scams on the site, you should not be looking for ways to break the TOS.

You will also need to ensure that you get verified before you stream. It is simple stuff, but very important.


Chaturbate is an incredibly difficult site to get banned from. The terms are fair.

As long as you play by them, you will be keeping your account for many years to come.

Timothy Casillas

Founder and chief editor of the Camchief website. For many years a fan of everything related to live sex shows. This site is his love letter to brave girls from all over the world. Learn more about Timothy and the rest of the team here.

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